Shaving Resources

Shaving ResourcesThere are many different websites that specialize in providing useful information and shaving resources about the different types and techniques of shaving. Whether you are wet shaving fan or you prefer the electric razors instead, you can find information that will enrich your knowledge.

The links here are structured in different categories, depending on its type: shaving blog, forum, general website and so on. I will regularly update them here, so I can contribute to the spread of the useful information that we all need.


Bruce On Shaving: This is one of the first shaving blogs that I have found when I started to look for information related to the topic a few years ago. Its author is Bruce Everiss and you can find really a lot of real shaving tips there. Highly recommended resource. Another great blog created by Mark, also known as “Mantic59” in most of the shaving forums. The blog is mainly focusing on the traditional wet shaving, however, there is ton of other useful information there, worth to check it out.

Mister Shaver: Jerry has created very informative place related to shaving, where you can find various information about shaving in general, along with quality reviews of different shaving products: brushes, electric razors, beard trimmers and similar.

Websites: Useful website related to straight razor shaving and vintage razors in general. One of the best websites around dedicated to wet shaving. You will find a lot of useful information there, including useful reviews of different products and a lot of great articles that every wet shaving enthusiasts should check.