Rockwell Razors Review

Rockwell Razors Review: Premium Adjustable Safety Razors

With times, everything started moving fast and we also gave in, to the fast pace and opted for everything that helps us in completing our task promptly. Even our shaving method was not spared. We bid adieu to classic wet shaving, and welcomed multiple blades and aerosol shaving so that we get a quick shave.

We didn’t bother about our skin that is taking the beating every day. We were happy that we didn’t have to waste time over shaving anymore. But, thankfully things have changed and now we understood the importance of slowing down at least for shaving. The wet shaving is not only restoring, but also revitalizing and reclaiming the male power.

Rockwell Razors Review – The Brand

Since 2014, Rockwell razor has been trying to serve men the classic shave without any irritation. Initially, they didn’t deliver a perfect razor, but soon they upgraded their design and came back with a bang.

Compared to others, Rockwell is comparatively new in the business, but they have already made a mark for themselves. In our Rockwell razors review we will provide you with useful information the brand and their top products. You will also see that Rockwell Razors are hell bent to give you the best experience in wet shaving.

They understand the shaving problem of a million men out there, so they came up with re-engineered safety razor that can be easily touted as one of the best safety razors around: the 6C adjustable safety razor. Currently the razor is available in two variants: Gunmetal and White Chrome.

Rockwell 6C Razor – a Perfect Gift for the Classic Shave

Rockwell 6C Razor
Image credit: Rockwell Razors

Looking for a Stainless Steel safety razor that adjusts according to your skin and stubble length? Then look no further, Rockwell safety razors have the perfect choice for you. You can select from the wide range they are providing. Rockwell provides adjustable razor for a personalized shaving affair.

The new series of Rockwell razors are fully adjustable with precision-engineered, patented adjustability, and the blade angles are highly optimized to give you a clean shave without any nicks and cuts.

Rockwell 6C Razor Features

The manufacturer is quite aware of the fact that every individual is different and so is their facial hair. They have crafted the 6 settings so that everybody can adjust accordingly and enjoy a smooth shave without any irritation or cuts.


  • The lower Rockwell settings (1-3) – the lower setting is for the men who have sensitive skin
  • The higher Rockwell settings (4-6) – the higher settings help the men with coarse and thick facial hair to get a clean shave without any nicks or discomfort.

You can get better picture about the six adjustable settings on the following image:

Rockwell 6C Adjustable Levels
Image credit: Rockwell Razors

Single Blade Concept:

One of the problems of the well known cartridge razors is the irritation, because they pull the hairs from below the skin level and cut it. On the other hand, if you go with the 6C adjustable safety razor you will understand that single blade concept is far better. It cuts the hair from the skin level, so you won’t be suffering from skin irritation or ingrown hair.

Double Edge Blades:

The Rockwell 6C razor comes with safety blades made from Swedish stainless steel. You can use this safe to deposit all your used blades. The blades are fully recyclable, so by using these blades you are not only taking care of your skin but is also saving the environment.

Good Grip:

The grip area is knurled to provide a comfortable and secure grip while shaving. The Chromed brass material provides a classic look externally and internally it is coated with brass to provide durability for the stainless steel safety razor.

One Time Investment:

If you compare the cartridge razors with Rockwell razors, then on the first encounter the Rockwell razor seems to be expensive, but as the recurring cost of the blades is almost negligible. Therefore, in the long run, Rockwell double edge razor turns out to be a profitable venture. The cartridge razor is cheap compared to safety one, but the cost of the cartridges is quite high.

What’s in the Box?

The safety razor box contains the following:

6C Razor Box
Image credit: Rockwell Razors
  • 1 Rockwell 6C Double Edge Razor
  • 5 Swedish blades for the stainless steel razor
  • 1knurled handle
  • 1 1/3 plate
  • 1 2/4 plate
  • 1 5/6 plate
  • 1 cap



Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor Pros and Cons:

Once you start using the Rockwell razors you will realize what you have been missing for so long. It is not at all painful, neither to your skin nor to your pocket. Here is a list of pros, in case you still haven’t figured it out in your mind:

  1. There are no gimmicks or marketing tactics involved, it promises you clean shaves and that’s what you get
  2. Your pack of Rockwell 6c Razor contains a pack of 5 Rockwell Swedish Stainless Steel razor blades
  3. The blade can be glided in easily without any complexity, just like the cartridge razors
  4. No tugging or pulling of facial hair as cartridge razors
  5. 6 different settings available for smoother and closer shave
  6. No skin irritation, cuts or razor bumps
  7. Can be adjusted as per facial hair and skin type
  8. No subscription required or celebrity endorsement to allure you
  9. Absence of vibrating handles
  10. Lube strips not there
  11. Rotating balls are also not available, making it a gimmick-free razor

Cons: There is almost nothing that you can hold against this razor, but if the handle would have been 10mm longer than what it is now, then it would have been perfect.


Men who have been a fan of classic shave must definitely give this a try. It won’t let you down at any point of time and once you get used to it your skin will thank you for making the right shift from the cartridge razors to the Rockwell 6C razor. It is not only smooth on your face but is equally smooth on your pocket as well. No extra burden of shaving cost from now on in your expense list.

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