Fromm Straight Razor Review

Fromm Straight Razor: An Honest Review

Fromm Straight Razor ReviewDuring my recent researches I have noticed that there are a lot of people interested in the Fromm Straight Razors. If you are one of them this honest Fromm straight razor review is for you. I have tried to include as much important information as possible, so you can benefit from the best Fromm products available.

Fromm Straight Razor: Is It Worth It?

FROMM LogoBack in the early 1900s the Fromm brand was mostly known for its exceptional razor strops used by barbers. Nowadays Fromm International is leading manufacturer of beauty tools for professionals and consumers.

With a very reasonable price for quality, the Fromm Straight Razor certainly seems to be worth it. This razor is about the best you can find without compromising on the quality of your straight razor experience – anything cheaper would hold the grave danger of bad quality blades that cause extensive damage to your skin.

The Fromm razor is an ideal entry-level option that grants you the opportunity to test out the art of straight shaving without having to fork out more than $100 on a high-quality kit. With an average price of around $60, the Fromm razor leaves you with enough money to invest in a proper strop and brush that will ensure your blade is maintained and sharp for recurrent cuts.

In comparison, similar blades like Dovo and Boker offer slightly better results but at almost double the price. Almost all manufacturers deliver blades that will need proper honing and stropping before use and the higher price doesn’t suggest a sharper blade from the start.

In fact, very few companies deliver blades that have already been sharpened so the Fromm razor is an excellent budget option to test out your honing and stropping skills, especially if you are new to the practice of cut-throat shaving. For the straight-shave novice, the Fromm straight razor is certainly worth it from a value for decent quality point of view.

Fromm Straight Razor Review

Fromm Straight RazorI highly recommend Fromm Straight Razor, 5/8″, especially if you are looking to purchase your first straight cut-throat razor. Its popularity is coming from the fact that its price range is less than $100 and you will definitely get great quality for the money.

It is a good entry level razor that can prove to be effective for straight-shaving purposes if honed and stropped properly.

I can totally understand that as it is better to spend less money for a product which you are just starting to use and then to upgrade to better one, instead to purchase an expensive and overpriced item and find that it is not the best option for your needs.

This product has a great grip and is easy to hold at any angle. The lightweight nature of the razor makes it the ideal candidate for practicing your newly acquired shaving skills and you’ll be a pro in no time!

An uneven bevel is not uncommon for straight razor blades but the Fromm seems to require excessive honing and stropping beyond that which is normally required. However, this will help you practice your honing skills!

Although the razor doesn’t hold the ability to be as sharp as the more expensive razors, the Fromm is perfect for finer hairs along the neck and the rounded edge makes it a great option for beginners who have yet to overcome the challenge of learning to shave cut-throat.

As far as straight shave razors go, the Fromm continues to deliver dependable results and remains easy to use. Honing and stropping will acquire a good level of sharpness and the blade’s ability to produce a clean, close shave will keep skin abrasions and cuts to a minimum.

The razor’s affordability will allow you to splurge on a quality strop and brush, equipping you with the quintessential ingredients to start straight shaving like a true gentleman. At this great price, you can’t afford to skip this great option.

  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Value for money
  • Great for beginners

  • Requires thorough honing and stropping before first use

Fromm Strop

Fromm StropThe perfect, affordable accompaniment to the Fromm Straight Razor that will sharpen your blade to perfection is the Fromm Professional Leather Barber Strop.

This strop is made to last and is one of very few items on the market that actually becomes more valuable as you use it. A proper strop that’s been broken in is priceless and will quickly become a prized position along with your favorite straight razor blade.

A large logo on the strop slightly reduces the surface area available for stropping but adds a great vintage effect and transforms your strop into a classy display item! Slight cracks in the leather are inevitable with frequent use but will only enhance that vintage look and feel.

The strop is essential for sharpening your blade prior to cut-throat shaving and a bad quality strop will put a damper on your whole shaving experience.

This Fromm masterpiece is a genuine leather product that doesn’t remove steel from the blades and can also be used on other sharp-edged tools. Made from pure cowhide, this strop comes at a reasonable price for good quality leather with both a canvas and leather side.

The need for the strop to be broken in for optimal results again allows the perfect opportunity for beginner straight-shavers to sharpen their skills in stropping.

Good care and frequent use will ensure that a proper strop is developed, one that does the job of sharpening your blade to perfection. The price is realistic for the product’s authentic look and feel, not to mention its success in stropping!

  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Canvas and leather sides
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use

  • Requires careful maintenance
  • Needs to be broken in before first use

Final Thoughts

The Fromm straight razor and strop together form a great beginner kit that epitomizes the notion of a ‘good buy’. The price is very reasonable and ensures an adequate quality blade and strop that will allow any beginner to explore the art and skill of straight shaving without fear of damaging a very expensive product preferred by masters of the trade.

Although the Fromm is regarded as a good starter blade, with careful maintenance it can easily become your go-to blade and a good backup should you decide to move on to the more expensive straight razors at a later stage. This German product is far from a low quality, cheap buy and performs well where it matters – good grip, good blade, good price. Great cut!

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