Dovo Straight Razor Review

Dovo Straight Razor Review: Best Razors Compared

Dovo Straight Razor ReviewStraight razor shaving always starts with finding good and quality straight razor. In our Dovo straight razor review we will introduce the top Dovo razors worth buying. We will provide valuable information about the pros and cons of each one of them.

Dovo SolingenDovo is German manufacturer, widely known for its exceptional quality and reliable products. The company has more than 100 yeast of history which is significant fact for precision and professionalism.

The Dovo brand delivers consistently high-quality straight razors with varying handles and blades available for purchase. The wide variety of products allows you to choose the most suitable blade to match your style of manliness and at affordable prices, these German-made products won’t disappoint.

All Dovo products are perfect for both beginners and long-time users alike.

Dovo Straight Razor Review

Straight razors are available for any shaving expertise level and are widely reviewed as being easy to handle and maintain. These blades are delivered with what is often referred to as a “Factory Edge:” – sharp enough to start shaving finer hairs with but needs some honing and stropping for a very sharp edge to be attained.

The Dovo straight razors are a pleasure to hone and strop, requiring minimal effort to bring up to par with other blades that are delivered sharp but come at double or even triple the price. These products are reasonably priced for the quality that they offer and being widely available, there’s no excuse not to try them out and find your perfect Dovo razor that will last a lifetime!

Let’s have a look a our top recommended products:

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Best Dovo Straight Razor

There are a lot of different variations of the best straight razors offered by Dovo, however, we have selected the top three ones based on their overall quality and usefulness.

I have not included the Dovo Carpe Diem Straight Razor as I have not seen many people using it and honestly we don’t believe it worth at this point. However, we will do my best to research for useful information about it and will provide it here.

Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor Full Hollow: Highest Rated

Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor Full HollowThis German classic blade is the ideal cutting edge for the starting shaver or the regular explorer. It has a full-hollow Swedish steel blade that has a width of 5/8″ and is famous with its most elevated level of hardness, resistance to wear and flexibility.

The Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor comes relatively sharp out of the box and needs only minimal honing before use. User reviews continually praise the sharpness of the blade after only a quick bout of honing and report that the blade remains sharp even after constant use over a prolonged period of time.

There are many reasons that make this Dovo straight razor a favorite among many. It might take some time to master the right technique, but once you get it the quality of the shave will definitely be much better compared with most of the modern blades.

If you are just starting with the straight razor shaving, this Dovo 5/8″ Straight Razor Full Hollow will provide you with incredible quality for the money.

  • High quality blade: made to last long
  • The blade is sharp and durable
  • Professionally made, feels and looks solid
  • Will provide you with close and comfortable shave

Despite of the great features that this Dovo razor is offering, most people might it somewhat expensive, however, it is an extraordinary quality razor. Though some might see the price as overly-expensive, it is a great value for the quality of the shave you get. Less expensive razors are of a poor quality, so it bodes well to set aside some cash that you need to simply get this straight razor.

The blade scales are a bit fragile but with proper care and maintenance, they should last a lifetime. This razor’s plastic handle does leave a lot to be desired but certainly doesn’t take away from the great quality of the razor blade – remember, you can replace the handle with your own custom material if desired.

This Dovo straight razor is ideal for both beginner shavers and the more experienced cut-throat experts among us. The blade is light and easy to hold, and as with all Dovo products delivers the closest shave possible while keeping the skin healthy and irritation-free.

With proper care, this product could last a lifetime and because of the way the handle is built, it’s possible to replace it with your own custom handle of choice. The full hollow grind allows for a quality shave each time and the razor comes at a very affordable price.

  • Great price
  • Light and easy to hold
  • Quality blade

  • Plastic handle
  • Fragile blade scales


Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle: The Premium Razor

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood HandleAlthough this blade is slightly more expensive than the aforementioned, the handle crafted from Ebony wood more than makes up for the difference in price.

The wooden handle is tight and well-made, ensured to last for a long time if properly maintained.

This razor produces a great grind with a fine edge all along the blade’s length, ensuring the closest shave possible.

The Ebony material used in the handle can bleed if not dried properly, meaning that special care must be taken to dry the handle properly every single time after it’s been used.

Beautiful packaging in a tin with adequate foam for proper protection adds to the experience of buying this quality Dovo razor and the logo adds to the style and class of this manly blade. The trusted Dovo quality shines through in the proper manufacturing of this product and allows the razor to glide effortlessly over the toughest of hairs.

  • Genuine Ebony wood handle
  • Sharp Blade
  • Packaging and branding

  • Wooden handle must be dried after each use


Dovo Straight Razor, Yew Wood Handles – The “Gentleman”

Dovo Gentleman Straight RazorThis Dovo Gentleman razor with a full hollow ground also maintains a breezy air of class and style with its Yew wood handles and high-end steel blade.

The Dovo logo is proudly displayed across the blade in gold and with a minimalist design, this blade intends to create a real impression.

The overall quality is exceptional and this product will definitely last long and will provide you with real pleasure while using it. The premium quality can be felt from every single part of the straight razor.

Be sure to dry your blade and handle thoroughly after use as slight rusting has been reported when left wet. If you aren’t disciplined enough to clean and dry the razor each time, rather opt for the Dovo Best Quality straight razor.

Once you opt for this beautiful razor with sharp scales that promise a close shave while keeping the skin smooth, you’ll never go back to disposable or electric razors. The price is more than fair for the fantastic blade quality and rare wood that this product is made of.

  • Value for the money
  • Yew wood handle
  • High-end blade

  • Slight rust possible if not dried

Final Words

Our choice for the optimal straight razor in terms of value for money, quality and performance is the Dovo Best Quality 5/8″ Straight Razor Full Hollow. Although this model foregoes the fancier wooden handle, the price makes up for this lacking quality and the blade remains a fantastic German-made product.

The blade on the Best Quality razor is as sharp as a sword and promises the closest cut possible without going beyond your budget.

This Dovo product is a perfect option for those wanting to practise their cut-throat skills and also offers a stable, consistent product for more advanced straight razor shavers who want a more affordable quality product.

Whichever Dovo product you end up buying – and we strongly recommend you do get one, and soon –  we know you won’t regret it!

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