The Best Straight Razor Brands

The Best Straight Razor Brands (A Beginner’s Guide)

The Best Straight Razor BrandsStraight razor shaving is getting more and more popular these days and a lot of people start to use it again. We will cover some of the best straight razor brands and what to look for in a quality straight razor, according to our expert opinion.

The information provided here is the result of long research and experiments. I will also provide valuable tips that are suitable for people who are just starting with this way of shaving and want to improve themselves and the long-term users of such razors.

Parts Of A Straight Razor

Straight razors are also known as cut-throat razors or open razors. I will try to briefly describe their most important parts:

Straight Razor Parts

  • Pivot: the narrow end of the blade that rotates on a pin. This can be seen between two protective parts called the handle or scales
  • Tang: the curved metal that is directed upwards and located at the narrow part of the blade that is also beyond the pivot. The purpose of the tang is to act as a level that will help the blade be raised from the handle
  • Shank: a narrow piece between the main blade and the tang. This sometimes has decorations and markings that symbolize the country where it came from
  • Shoulder: the lower curved part of the main blade located in-between the shank and the cutting edge
  • Back: the arched and non-cutting end of the blade
  • Cutting edge: the sharp cutting part of the blade
  • Head: the free end of the blade that is opposite of the tang

Should You Use A Straight?

Most of us use the so-called wet shaving with one time razors and electric shavers. Each way has its pros and cons. In everyday life, many people spend less time shaving, which I think is not right. Since I started to shave I spent a lot of money for different brands of razors and a large percentage of cases I was not able to shave properly.

Personally, I have very sensitive skin, which is very easy to wounds and it was one of the reasons why I decided to try a more traditional method, namely the razor. Over time, I have improved the correct way to shave and this has become a part of my life.

Of course, it needs a little preparation, and additional attributes to make everything right. When you start to shave thus feel irreplaceable pleasure from the process itself.

Let us not forget that if the maintenance is good the razor will serve you for many years and can be practically eternal. I’m sure some of you have found the old razors of your grandfathers and admired them.

Straight Razor Shaving: Is It Safe?

I was asking myself the same question many times before I started shaving this way. I fully understand the concerns that any sharp object that passes through the soft parts of the face and throat is potentially dangerous and improper use can cause injury or harm to the skin on your face. If you follow the instructions for proper shave there is nothing to fear and the likelihood of cut yourself is minimal.

Yes, you should always be careful and shaving must be done very cautiously, safety first you know. If you are new to shaving with a razor it is a good idea to initially try to shave a more solid parts of the chin, cheeks and face. You can remove a small part of your beard and finish the rest with your daily shaver until you gain the experience and confidence to continue.

Razor Quality

I want to emphasize that in no case you should compromise the quality of the razor that you think to use. Personally for me, this way of shaving became a part of my life and I do not trust anything other than the best on the market.

Do not rush to purchase the first razor in the store or a cheap copy of the popular brands, you’d be wrong. You need to trust the proven brand that is known for its quality products.

Also, note that like every other thing your razor will need attention and maintenance to be able to serve you longer. All straights razors priced under $ 40-50 are a compromise which should not do with yourself. Good brands and companies which you can check are often based in North America, Europe and Asia (mainly Japan).

The Best Straight Razor Brands

Based on my research, the best straight razor brands available on the market today are Dovo, A.P. Donovan and Fromm. Other notable ones are also Feather and THIERS-ISSARD. They all offer amazing products and I will try to provide some information about each one below.

DOVO German Classic

Dovo SolingenDovo straight razor is one of the most popular brand of its kind and has already become a household name when it comes to straight razors. It is perfect for both beginners and long-time users alike.

With its high-carbon steel and resin scales, it requires less maintenance compared to other brands of straight razors. The fact that it is made in Germany is a good indication that the product is indeed made to last a long, long time.

You can check my review here.

A.P. Donovan

A.P. DonovanIf you are in search of a luxury razor, A.P. Donovan will exceed your expectations and I strongly recommend it as one of the top brands on my list. Their handcrafted razors from Japanese stainless steel, also known as paper steel, allowing a comfortable, gentle and yet close shave.

Available on the market as independent razors or sets including brush, soap and rolling pin. All this is well served in a convenient storage box, which guarantees quality of the products.

You can check my review here.


FROMM LogoPerfect for a beginner, the Fromm straight razor is priced just right. It is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Made in Solingen, the product is of good quality.

It may not provide the best kind of shave possible, but it should be good enough.  After all, this is just for beginners. You are, however, guaranteed that your money is well spent.

Check out my honest review here.

Other Brands

Feather Straight Razor Review

THIERS-ISSARD Straight Razor Review


In the article I’ve tried to fairly describe the best straight razor brands based on criteria of price, quality and shaving comfort. Each one of you has the right to choose the best razor, agreeing with the price that is willing to pay and the quality that you are looking for.

Of course, I admit that perhaps I’ve missed an important part of the product description and not each of you will agree with my selection. I will be glad to discuss that in the comments below.

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