Best Sandalwood Aftershave

Best Sandalwood Aftershave: Buyer’s Guide

There’s nothing quite as manly as shaving and as any real man would know, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. A shaved face requires a certain amount of care to ensure smooth – and soothed – facial skin. The importance of aftershave in maintaining a clean face free of shaving nicks and acne is often overlooked. Men, it’s not only there to help you smell attractive!

Aside from giving you the boost of confidence that any aromatic aftershave brings, aftershave is also meant to deliver the benefit of hygiene by keeping the hair follicles and pores clean after shaving. It should offer a calming effect and make sure that any scuffs or grazes caused by shaving don’t damage your skin permanently.

The benefits of applying an aftershave are certainly indisputable. The only question remaining is:

How Should I Choose An Aftershave?

How to choose an aftershaveWhether your skin is prone to oiliness, dry or normal, a sandalwood aftershave is one of the best choices available. Sandalwood oil serves as an antiseptic and by applying just a dollop post-shave, you can reap from its benefits of protecting shaving nicks and cuts from developing further infections.

It provides a cooling effect and blends easily with other oils to ensure tightened, cleansed and soothed skin. Sandalwood is also an astringent – don’t worry, I had to look up what it meant too! An astringent is a substance that can reduce bleeding from minor abrasions and cause contractions to protect the skin, exactly what’s needed after shaving!

Best Sandalwood Aftershave

What main aspects should the best sandalwood aftershave cover?

  • Soothing effect
  • Health benefits (hygiene)
  • Great smell!
  • Value for money

There are thousands of aftershaves available on the market: cheap ones, expensive ones, overpriced ones, fragrant, alcohol-based, witch hazel based, blended… the list is endless! With almost any type imaginable available on the market, it’s both time-consuming and frustrating to sift through them all and find a great product that meets all of the above requirements.

Luckily, we’ve done your homework for you! Below are the top 3 best sandalwood aftershave products that we could track down to help you find your best sandalwood aftershave! And after reading about what makes each of these special, we’re confident that you might just go ahead and order all three!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood AftershaveBears the benefits of sandalwood oil? Check. Has a rich woody smell with spiced undertones? Check. Is it readily available at a good price? Check. And that all packed into a 100ml bottle – there’s nothing this sandalwood doesn’t offer!

This lotion is a great aftershave to close up pores after shaving and although it is alcohol-based, users have reported that it doesn’t burn and really provides a remarkable cooling effect. Added humectants (a moistening agent) ensure that the skin is left tight and moisturized, thereby avoiding the dry skin phenomenon that so often occurs after a clean shave.

If your skin is very dry, use an unscented moisturizer before applying – this best sandalwood aftershave candidate is compatible with most moisturizers and its unmistakable scent will remain despite applying other lotions.

Brought to you by the renowned Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS) brand in England, this aftershave is the perfect gift to add to your wishlist – and it’s a gift that your wife can enjoy with you!

This masculine, classic scent will leave you feeling, looking and smelling the part of a true gentleman! It also contains additional essential oils of rosemary, lemon, thyme and lavender which combine perfectly with deep spices of wood and musk to create a perfectly balanced sandalwood-based aftershave.


D.R. Harris Sandalwood Aftershave

D.R. Harris Sandalwood AftershaveAnother great contender for the distinguished title of best sandalwood aftershave! Described by D.R. Harris & Co Ltd. as a “very masculine and dramatic fragrance”, this sandalwood-scented lotion has undertones of eucalyptus, bergamot, patchouli, clove and rosemary that harmonize with sandalwood to bring a truly cooling and hygienic product to the market.

Slightly less sweet than other sandalwood scents, D.R. Harris leaves a spicier scent and user reviews report that the ladies are after you when you put it on and the guys want to know where to get it – that’s how natural and long-lasting this aftershave is!

With a good burn to offset the dangers of infected razor lacerations, this aftershave will repair your skin after shaving and with a bottle designed to sprinkle only the necessary few drops, this slightly pricey 100ml sandalwood aftershave is worth every cent! Packed into a classy bottle with a label reminiscent of old-style England, this subtle yet notable dry scent aftershave will leave you with an air of class that lingers wherever you go.


Proraso Aftershave Lotion – Sandalwood & Shea Oil

Proraso Aftershave Lotion – Sandalwood & Shea OilLast but certainly not least, this best sandalwood aftershave rival offers a great 100ml bottle at a very affordable price. This aftershave is specifically formulated for sensitive, dry skin without leaving a greasy layer behind.

The Shea oil produces a smooth, silky feel to your skin while the sandalwood acts as an anti-inflammatory to ensure a vibrantly clean face. With very soft scenting, this sandalwood aftershave is ideal for those who prefer a natural look and feel.

Simplicity meets masculinity at a great price and the many user reviews raving about the product are testament to its success on the market. The lotion also boasts being cruelty-free and avoids any added silicones, mineral oils or parabens.

Natural oil additives and plant extracts allow this popular product to remain beneficial to maintaining a healthy skin and encouraging elastic and supple skin. Proraso Sandalwood & Shea Oil aftershave is just what you need to soothe that razor burn with a non-greasy lotion perfect for creating a natural yet still manly image.



It’s clearly evident that all three of these aftershave choices could easily take the title of best sandalwood aftershave! If it’s a heavier scent you’re after, try the Taylor of Old Bond Street type.

For a drier skin type prone to sensitivity or if you’re under a tighter budget this month and looking to spoil yourself with a proper aftershave, go for the Proraso and get an affordable feel-good, smell-good lift in no time! The long-lasting D.R. Harris will leave you with a lingering, distinct sandalwood scent and is the perfect luxury gift for any time of the year and any occasion.

The question isn’t whether or not sandalwood aftershave is for you but rather which of these three best sandalwood aftershave choices will you be buying?

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  1. I’m anxious to try these. I really like the smell of Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving cream. Unfortunately, when I chose my first sandalwood aftershave, it was Saint Charles Shave, based on repeated favorable reviews I saw online. Sadly, SCS on me has far too much menthol smell for my tastes.

    • You may consider trying one of our recommendations and let us know if it has been the right choice for you. Let us know what are the results.

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