Benefits of Shaving With a Straight Razor

Benefits Of Shaving With A Straight Razor


We’ve all heard the saying that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Similarly, there’s more than one way for a man to shave. The shaving realm has developed into a new world, with options ranging from dry shaving with an electric razor to wet shaving with straight razors or safety razors – be they disposable, single-edged or with multiple blades.

But one of these stands heads above the other options: straight shaving. A quick look at the benefits of shaving with a straight razor will easily convince you that this is the best way to go. Read on to find out more about the environmental, financial, hygienic and mental benefits of shaving with a straight razor can offer you.

Benefits Of Shaving With A Straight Razor

First off, to understand why a straight razor is beneficial we’ll need to tell you more about what straight shaving is. Straight shaving, also referred to as cut-throat shaving, is the act of shaving with a single, sharp-edged handheld blade.

Similar to shaving with a disposable razor, the blade is scrapped across your skin gently to cut hair as close to the skin as possible. Instead of replaceable razor blades, a traditional straight razor is made out of more durable material and can be re-used for years if maintained properly through honing and stropping (sharpening the blade and smoothing out edges).

So, what makes this straight razor more beneficial than the regular throwaway blades from popular brands that we all know and love? There are several advantages to using a straight razor for shaving and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Close Shave!

A straight razor will produce a smoother face than that which can be achieved using a multi-blade disposable razor or even an electric razor. Remember, quantity is not quality – a multiple blade razor won’t necessarily get a closer shave.

A straight razor will leave your face feeling smoother for longer, like a true gentleman. Nicks and cuts are less likely to occur as the straight blade can be sharpened through honing and stropping to a point that’s impossible to obtain with disposable razors.

A closer shave will guard against the risk of painful razor burn and a single, sharpened blade also requires less strokes when shaving, thus limiting the extent of irritation to the skin.

Shave Off The Costs!

Switching over to a straight razor will not only leave you with a smooth, clean shave but also makes for a financially sound decision. Although the initial costs of buying a straight razor kit might be quite hefty, you’ll be saving in the long run!

When well maintained, these straight razors can last for years and the only thing you’ll ever need to buy is a good quality shaving cream or soap, which are also said to last longer than shaving gels. Plus, the razor blades are so sharp you’ll only need to shave every second day – tell that to your disposable multi-blade razor that weathers so quickly from everyday use.

A straight razor is a solid investment for every man and we’re willing to bet that a well-maintained straight blade can be passed off as a family heirloom. Just think of all the costs you could be shaving off your monthly budget.

Go Green!

Investing in a straight razor is not only a form of financial conservation but also a form of environmental conservation. The only waste you’ll be disposing of is the bits of shaving cream washed down the drain post-shave. Say goodbye to those pesky disposable razors that are always lying around and say hello to a waste-free, packaging-free, hug-a-tree, environmentally friendly blade!

Manly Skill

Straight shaving is more than just another morning routine to squeeze in between showering, breakfast and rushing off to work. We’ll give it to you straight: it’s an art! The focus and concentration needed to ensure proper straight shaving is a challenge at first and will keep this new hobby interesting.

And once you become comfortable with making straight shaving part of your morning routine, it will become second-nature and you’ll enjoy the sense of satisfaction that only a healthy clean shave can give. The manly man in you will be in the right mood for the rest of the day and you’ll leave the house ready to take on the world.

Let’s Be Real – It Looks Cool

There’s nothing quite as cool as shaving with a straight razor. You’re practically waging war with your hair while armed with a mighty sharp sword. We’ve all seen the action movies where the hero is at some point seen straight shaving like a boss – just take Bond, James straight-shave Bond as an example. There’s no denying that straight shaving is badass, manly and impressive all at once.

Straight Razor Shaving Tips

In order for you to reap these benefits of shaving with a straight razor, there’s a few things to remember. Firstly, be sure to prepare your beard properly. After a hot shower is the perfect time to shave, and a hot towel wrapped around your beard will keep the hairs moist and primed for shaving.

Be sure to use a proper shaving soap or cream as this will do wonders in keeping your skin clean and healthy. Secondly, remember that straight razor shaving is a skill that needs to be honed – just like your blade needs to be honed to stay sharp.

Get used to the feel of the razor in your hand and practice holding it until you find a comfortable position. Try shaving with the grain at first to minimize scrapes and cuts. Start off with shaving down your sideburn using your dominant hand to ensure stability until you’re ready to take on more.

Our recommendation is to keep the blade at an angle of maximum 30 degrees. Apply pressure gently and keep the strokes short to ensure close shaving. Once you’ve mastered this process, feel free to try shaving across or against the grain. Remember to use a good quality aftershave to leave your face refreshed, nourished and manly like never before.


We’re confident that a straight razor is the solution to any man’s shaving conundrum. You don’t need to suffer through the harsh realities of razor burn, skin irritation and a poor shave that can only keep your beard away until 5pm this afternoon.

The benefits of shaving with a straight razor are here for your taking. Be financially wise, environmentally friendly, manly, cool, clean-shaven and successful today – be straight with yourself, no more excuses!

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